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Ultimate Team Up

Disaster: An airborne Sayjin virus, will turn anyone into a rampaging monster, the lucky ones die.  (Toll: 15 million turned, 1 billion dead

Team #1: Avengers (Civil War doesn’t happen and Spidey’s on the team)

Team #2: Justice League

Team that dies: Justice League (well they disband, hope that counts)

Cause of death of team: One of the turned berserker Sayjin kills Superman, Green Lantern and Batman. Flash is paralyzed from the waist down.

Ultimate Team Up is having a contest and you can win a free T-shirt from them but this is the contest: Something is going to destroy life as we know it and two brave teams of heroes will have to stop it. That’s it; so, all you have to do is choose the disaster and the two teams. Right, no problem!

Oh yeah, forgot one little thing: Only one team makes it out alive.

So here it is.


Team #1:

Team #2:

Team that dies:

Cause of death of team:

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This is something I never thought I'd see. There is a gay character in MKX, it's the Shaolin Monk with the Bo and Arrows. (Can't remember his name at the moment -_-; )

I think it had been confirmed by Ed and 'NetherRealm' because there is a scene where Raiden tell him to go to the 'White Lotus Temple' he goes 'they won't except...' Raiden tells him that they only care what's in his heart and not who it longs for.

Now either he's gay or he's in love with Mileena and I seriously doubt he in love with Milly.
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  • Listening to: Sirius XM- The Bridge
  • Reading: My own fanfiction
  • Watching: Triple D
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Mortal Kombat X Faction Application

Name of Faction: RSF

Symbol: A bird with its wings spread out (think Jedi symbol) with crossed guns over it.

Leader: Adm. Harry James Potter

Location: Earth Realm

Side: Good

Notable Members: Hermione Potter nee Granger and Neville Longbottom

Goals: To protect the world for all magic and mundane.

Faction Kills: Mini missiles, Flamethrowers and poison gas.

Motto: Protection for all.
Mortal Kombat X Faction Application

Name of Faction:





Notable Members:


Faction Kills:

Faction App
Since MKX has factions I figured that if you had any MKX OCs or other characters you'd like to see in the game and they have faction, well here you go.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
MK Guest Character: Eddie Riggs


Guitar God- Uses Clementine for sonic attacks.

Ax Wielder- Uses ManoWar for heavy swings.

Beast Tamer- Can call in various metal beasts to help him attack.


Feel the Metal: Hit opponent across the face with a fist cracking the opponent’s jaw, then rams ManoWar’s handle between their legs giving them trama, then finally hits them over the head with Clementine over the head El Kabong style crack their skull.


Pick of Destiny- Eddie pulls out a jade guitar pick then pulls Clementine from his back and starts to melt the opponents face off.  After the fall dead, he plays an awesome solo.

Son of Succoria- Eddie starts to grab his head and starts to transform into a demon, with huge red and black wings, then he grabs the opponent takes them up to the sky and rips them apart.


Ironheade’s ball- He whistles and points at the opponent and every member of Ironheade attacks the opponent until there is nothing left but blood and gore.

Victory Pose

Eddie stands with ManoWar down in front of him and his head is down. Then quickly lifts his head and give out the ‘devil horns’.



Eddie (Guitar God): ‘Silent but deadly’? (strums Clementine)

Johnny (Fisticuffs): Okay, so the tagline needed work. (Putting on his sunglasses)

Eddie: Wasn’t the only thing.

Quan Chi

Eddie (Ax Wielder): Sup ‘Baldy’? (Give ManoWar a few test swings)

Quan Chi: Only a fool would joke at his demise. (tosses a decapitated demon’s head to the side)

Eddie: Call it like I see it.


Eddie: Let me guess, demon bitch from hell?

Mileena (lowering her veil): So, you like?

Eddie: Ah ha, I Knew It! But, you’re kinda hot actually.


Eddie: Wow, you’d be great for my band!

Goro: I don’t like your music!

Eddie: At least give it a try.
MKX Guest Character: Eddie Riggs
Eddie if he guest stared MKX. 

Also, bit of trivia: the dialog he say to Mileena he say to a Battle Nun.
Niece of Steel and a Vampire

John Henry Irons was a weapons dealer because he had to provide for his family when one of his buyers, a gang leader named; White Rabbit, had attacked his family because he refused to make her more weapons. Using his knowledge he had built a suit of armor in the like of the man who saved his life; Superman. So he fought off the gang, but during the fight his niece; Natasha, had been hit with a bullet. But with John Henry was busy fighting off the gang when someone came in a took her to the hospital.

After he had fought White Rabbit’s gang off, someone had went up to him to tell him that his niece was in the hospital being helped. He thanked the person, not knowing who it was he went to the hospital to see her.

Once there, she told him that she wanted to help him and want to be like him. So he agreed to help her by helping build her own armor. Once it was ready, she tried it own and it looked nice on her. Just then they had heard that White Rabbit was causing trouble again and they went out to stop her.

They had double teamed her and her gang, but suddenly they were about to be dogpiled when all of the sudden, smoke bombs had been dropped in the area. Then the gang members’ weapons were blocked by corks and they were tied up with silly string. Wanting to know who was attacking them, a tremor had happened knocking them off their feet.

That was when five people had appeared, they were the ‘Dynamic Duo’; Batgirl and Robin, ‘Clown Princesses of Justice; Jester and Harley Quinn’ and the man himself, Superman. Jester was the one who clogged their guns and Harley had a can of silly string. Superman had punched the street. Then he slowly stood up and glared at the gang and they attacked.

After they beat the gang, John Henry and Natasha had thanked them as White Rabbit and her gang were arrested. Natasha had grabbed on to Superman and thanked them for helping them.

Later, Natasha had gotten permission to go to Japan and so she went and came to Yokai academy, once there she had found Clark and the others and made quick friends with them hiding the fact that she knew who they were.

Meanwhile on the island of Themyscira, a bonder haired girl wanted to go and be with her sister. Her mother told her she could go but to be careful.


John and Natasha are second and third Kryptonians (on John’s great grandfather’s side)

Natasha’s armor is Ame Comi style
Power of Shazam and a Vampire

Once upon a time there was a very powerful and wise wizard that could grant powers beyond the wildest dreams. His name was lost throughout history but he came to live in Fawcet City, Pa. He was running a magic shop when a young woman had walked in. Mary Batson was always fascinated with magic and wanted to see if she could be another Zatanna but nothing worked. The wizard saw her and wanted to help but he had to wait for the right moment.

Then one night, she went out with some friends and she came upon a mugging. It was the owner of the magic shop. Remembering her training, she beat them off and helped them man up. Thanking her, he tells her that he will reward her for helping him. But she was modest saying that she didn’t do it for a reward. That made him, even happier, he had found the right person.

So he took her to a cave, it was huge it had statues dipicting the seven deadly sins on one side and the seven virtues on the other. The wizard was at the back of the cave with two huge fire pits on either side of him. He was now in long white robes, he told her that she had saved him and was humble about it. He was going to give her God-like powers by saying his name; SHAZAM. By saying it Mary had gained:

The wisdom of Solomon
The strength of Hercules
The stamina of Atlas
The power of Zeus
The courage of Achilles
and the speed of Mercury

With that she had turned into a beautiful hero for justice. She realized she could do what she really wanted to do, save people just like Powergirl and Superman. So she did, but in Khandaq there was another warrior with powers like her own. He wanted her to join him and be his queen. But she declined, of course he got mad but didn’t want to show his hand just yet. So he left, but bided his time.

Then Superman had came to Fawcet City, to help out with the erection of a new statute and visit some sick children. While he was there, the madman had returned and made the offer to Mary again. Once again she declined now he had got furious, He went to attack her when all of the sudden, Superman showed up and grabbed his fist. He told Mary to run, that was when the maniac had revealed his powers.

He changed into the clothes of an Egyptian priest. The two started to fight and Mary saw the hero fight the man that was bothering her. But, she saw that he need help and so she transformed into her outfit. It was a small white dress, with an electrified lightening bolt on her chest, a white cape and boots. She flew over to where Superman and the man, whom she now knew that his name was Black Adam, where fighting.
She helped Superman fight and defeat Black Adam sending him into the Rock of Eternity, sealing his powers. Superman was about to thank her when she kissed him passionately and left.

Once Clark had returned to school, He was thinking about that girl when all of the sudden, she showed up and grabbed him in a flying glomp. Happy to see him and asked if she could meet her idol Powergirl. Confused about how she found out he was Superman, she told him she could read auras and found that he and the ‘Man of Steel’ had the same aura. Clark just sighed and facepalmed.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, MI a young woman was working in a steelworks, her uncle had wanted to know if she really wanted to do this, she told him that she wanted to be like him and the man that saved him; Superman.


Billy had died at birth in this universe

Black Adam’s outfit is his Regime outfit in Injustice

The wizard’s name in Shazam
Fastest Girl Alive and a Vampire

In Keystone City, Wally West and his best friend, Jessie Chambers were visiting his uncle, Barry Allen. Barry had wanted Wally to meet an old friend of his, Johnny Quick. Jessie and Johnny was shocked at the fact that they were there. More so Jessie because her father was a World War 2 superhero.

As they were talking an FBI Profiler named Hunter Zolomon had figured out who Johnny Quick was and was going to expose him to the world. He had showed up at the Allen’s household and got into a fight with both Barry and Johnny. Jessie and Wally tried to help but Zolomon knocked the kids flying, Wally went into the kitchen and Jessie into a chemical set, then as Barry pulled out his taser, he missed and one prong went into the chemicals where Jessie was knocked out, electrocuting them and granting her the powers of the Speed Force, By that time Johnny knocked out Zolomon and Barry called the police and for an ambulance for the kids.

At the hospital, Barry and Johnny found out that Jessie had gained the powers of the Speed Force but she couldn’t control it. That was when Johnny told to say, ‘3x2(9yz)4A’, the formula of the Speed Force. Suddenly she had control and was somewhat back to normal.

Meanwhile they had found out that Zolomon was released and somehow had a connection with time and was going to take everything from Johnny Quick starting with his family.

Meanwhile Clark (Superman), Jade (Green Lantern) and Shiera (Hawkgirl) had heard about more superheroes coming out of the woodwork and wanted to see what was going on. So when they got to Keystone City, they had seen an attack going on in the city by a yellow streak. Hoping that was not the new hero, they went down to help stop it.
Meanwhile, Zolomon had became an evil version of the city’s hero, the Flash, named Zoom. He was racing in and out through time to try and kill Johnny Quick and somehow make the Flash a better hero. But everytime he was so close, Flash showed up and stopped him. But when this time it was different, he somehow had Flash distracted and went after Johnny Quick.

But just as he was about to kill Johnny, Superman, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl interfered. As Zoom was fighting Superman and Hawkgirl, Green Lantern had got Johnny out of harms way. But Zoom somehow got to them, then as he was about to kill both Jade and Johnny, he was hit with a very fast and very powerful spear. Thinking it was the Flash Zoom started to taunt him.

But what he heard was a soft ‘3x2(9yz)4A’ not knowing what was going on he some how lost his grip on what he was doing and was hit from all over. Once he was knock out, Flash zoomed in to thank Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and whoever it was that had knocked out Zoom. Just then she appeared out of nowhere. She was dressed like Flash but with a little sex appeal to it. When she saw Superman she glomped him in a tight hug and begged to take a picture with him. He agreed but only if the others could get in as well.

So they did and the pic was taken. Flash looked at the girl and asked who she was, ‘Barry it’s me.’ She said, Flash was confused, she knew who he was and acted like he knew her. ‘Jessie.’ That was when the bombshell was dropped. This was his best friend’s daughter.

Later after promising to write Superman, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl had left to head back to Yokai Academy. Only to find out, two week later that they had a new student and Jessie had showed up. She went right to Clark, after finding out who he was and grabbed him in a tight hug. The others were in shock at this action.

Meanwhile in Khandaq, Egypt a man was sitting on a throne thinking about the news one of his servants had just finished telling him of a young woman with powers not unlike his own. ‘We Must Find Her! Either She Shall Join Us Or She Will Die!


Jessie’s origin is somewhat like Wally’s when he became Kid Flash.

3x2(9yz)4A is the formula to use the Speed Force that her and Johnny Quick uses.

Jessie’s introduction to Barry was almost like Batgirl’s to Batman’s in ‘Batman and Robin’.

Jessie’s outfit will be like her ‘Ame Comi Flash’ outfit.
Fastest Girl Alive and a Vampire
Here's another file for a new characater for 'Man Of Steel and a Vampire'. Jessie Quick
Note: I had wanted to do more for the ‘Man of Steel and a Vampire’ series, like bring in new characters and so here is the first of many new characters and possible love interest for Clark. Hawkgirl.

I KNOW, but I’m writing this MY way. Thank you for your input.

Also to all you ‘Krypto lovers’, don’t worry. the ‘Dog of Steel’ will be showing up soon.

So enjoy the bio called:

Winged Warrior and a Vampire

In the 70s, an archeologist named Kenneth Sanders was on an expedition searching for the lost tomb of an Egyptian hawk god. He had found it and it was going to make him rich but one of his men had gotten greedy and sealed him inside of the tomb. fearing he couldn’t get out, the spirit of an Egyptian princess, Chay-Ara had appeared and agreed to help him get free on the condition that he takes her armor with him and give it someone worthy of it.

He agrees and takes the armor. Once out, he heads home. Once back home, he was searching on anything to find out more about Princess Chay-Ara’s life to see who would be a perfect match. That was when his daughter, Shiera, had came into see him. As he was reading some books on Chay-Ara, Shiera had seen the helmet of the  Egyptian princess and put it on. Just then there was a flash of light and a scream.

Ken went to see what had happened seeing a young woman on the floor with huge hawk wings on her back and dressed in the armor of the princess. By her side was an Nth metal mace that was glowing with energy. He went over to the woman and found out it was his his daughter Shiera, she was now possessed by Chay-Ara. Shiera was amazed that she could fly now, just like her idols, Superman, Power Girl and Wonder Woman.

During the time she was getting used to her new abilities, the man who left her father in Chay-Ara’s tomb, Felix Faust, had heard that he had freed himself and became famous thanks to the fact Princess Chay-Ara had proclaimed Ken as her personal archeologist. Not knowing she was Ken’s daughter, had came up with a plan to kill them both.  

During the time, Clark (Superman), Karen (Power Girl) and Diana (Wonder Woman) were in England enjoying some time alone from the girls and show Diana more of ‘Men’s World’, when Clark and Kara had heard someone calling for help.

Earlier, Felix had called up on a group of mummies to kill Ken and his daughter so they ran over to the attack and helped out. That was when they had seen Shiera going to town on them hitting left and right with her mace. With her idols help, she stopped the mummies and went to check on her father. But it was too late, Faust had his soul and was going to take theirs but, Shiera had thrown her mace at the dark sorcerer into a portal where his soul would stay until someone makes another bargain.

Later, after her father’s funeral, Shiera had swore to herself and her idols to fight for justice and freedom of others. She also agreed to go with her idols when they were going back to Yokai Academy.


Chay-Ana was the very first Hawkgirl

Shiera is Chay-Ana’s fourth reincarnation (other three are: Lady Celia Penbrook, Cinnamon and Sheila Carr)

The outfit is the first Ame Comi Hawkgirl

Her idols are Superman, Power Girl and Wonder Woman.

Felix Faust would be a combination of Voldemort (Harry Potter) and himself (Pre-52).
Winged Warrior and a Vamipre
I'd figure I would started to work on some more DC Heroines for themasterofantics story: Man of Steel + Vampire . This one is for Hawkgirl. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Mortal Kombat X: Kurtis Stryker


Gunslinger- Uses his guns and grenades while fighting.

Street Level- Uses nightstick and street fighting moves.

SWAT- Uses heavy weapons and explosives.


Resisting arrest: -He handcuffs left arm, sidesteps victim on left side, smashes shackled elbow joint to pieces. -In reverse swing, he swings downward to knee joint, dismantling cartilage and ACL joint -He holds same shattered arm behind their back, grabs behind their head and pushes it into the screen, as if you saw a head fly through a windshield, then drags neck over glass shards.


Out of continues- Swings his nightstick across opponents knees shattering the caps, they fall to their back. He walks over to their head aims his gun at it and pulls the trigger blowing their head off. Camera does the headshot of whatever’s left of it.

Victory Pose

Unloads the empty clip and reloads a new one. Then calls opponent a ‘punk’.


Police Brutality- Shoots opponent in the chest with a sub auto machine gun, then tosses grenades at them and after they explode, dismembering the opponent, walks over and slams nightstick in their eye.



Stryker (gunslinger): Cassie Cage? (pulls his gun out, cocks it and flips off the safety)

Cassie (pulls out her earbuds): Kurtis Stryker, my parents told me about you.

Stryker: Did your father tell you he sucks as an actor?

Stryker (SWAT): KANO! (cocks his machine gun)

Kano (sarcastically): Oh no, its the ‘Fuzz’.

Stryker (Pulls gun up in front of him): Good news, I’m not going to arrest you.


Stryker (SWAT): Who… or what the hell are you? (cocks his machine gun)

D’Vorah: We are D’Vorah! Your body will provide us with a hive!(stroking a grub)

Stryker (Pulls gun up in front of him): Good thing I got bug spray.


Stryker (Street): Princess. (pulls out his nightstick)

Kitana (pulling out her fans): Wanna spar?

Stryker (Twirling nightstick): Let’s do it.


Stryker: Reptile!

Reptile: Will Rend Your Flesh!

Stryker: Not if I turn you into a jacket!


Stryker (SWAT): Ermac. (cocks his machine gun)

Ermac (floating): Your soul will be Ours!

Stryker (Pulls gun up in front of him): You wish!

Johnny Cage

Stryker: Johnny Cage.

Johnny: I’m still mad at you for snubbing me!

Stryker: The movie won an Oscar.
MKX Stryker's Bio
My rendition of Stryker's MKX Bio.
Immortal File: Patriot, the

Alignment: Good

Outfit: Red, white and blue field camo, boots, nose and mouth mask.

Entrance: Comes in on a motorcycle, gets off and glares at opponent.

Signature move: New Nerima beatdown- Hits the opponent three times and they fall to the ground and then he jumps up in the air and drives his fist in the opponent’s face.

Finishing move: ‘Welcome to the Nation’- Runs to opponent, hits them with a superkick, then places opponent on his shoulders, flips and slams opponent on the ground. Then snaps off a salute as missiles hit the opponent.

Victory pose: Stands at attention, salutes as the ‘Stars and stripes’ fall behind him.

Music: Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf and Lil’ Wayne

Ending: Patriot was satisfied with his win knowing he had protected the Mega-verse. But when the Authority attacked him in his own home, the rest of the Patriots had came in and tore them apart with no remorse show them what was truly ‘Best for Business’.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
ACW Immortals- Harry Potter

Name: Harry Potter

Alignment: Good

Outfit: Red and gold T-shirt, black cargo pants and boots.

Entrance: There is a dying roar and a slicing sound then drops of blood of blood by Harry’s boots. The camera pans up to him showing him in a fight. Scarred and bleeding holding a bloody sword and tosses it to the side.

Signature Move: Golden Stomp - Knocks his opponent down and starts to stomp on every part of their body.

Finisher: Basilisk RKO - Harry slowly turns around, grabs the opponent, hits them in the gut lifting them off their feet, then grabs them leaping up in to the air in to the clouds and then slamming the opponents head and neck against his shoulder, dropping into a seated position and landing to the ground. The opponent flips out of his grasp and then Harry kick the opponent in the head.

Victory Pose: A chair of marble suddenly rises out of the ground. It is covered in snakes and lightening bolts and he sits down in it leans back then crosses his legs.

Ending: Knowing that his ex-Friend Ron Weasley had tried to control the Megaverse with Bray’s help, Harry had to stop him from bringing it to ruin. So, with his victory against Bray he had once again proved to the world that he was the one people could look up to to save the Megaverse.

But when Wade Barrett tried to take the power for his own; Harry had some ‘Bad News for him’.

Theme: Epic Dreams by Shaman’s Harvest/ Faith No More
Immortal File: Ace Daniels Jr.

Alignment: Good

Outfit: White, board shorts, boots, striking gloves and a T-shirt with ‘ADJ’ on the chest.

Entrance: He’s getting a lap dance from a stripper, he looks up and sees his opponent. He slips a bill in her ‘G-string’ and shoos her away. Then stands up.

Signature move: Heir apparent- Runs right to the opponent, clothesline them spinning them then spears them to the ground, breaking it.

Finisher: Here comes trouble- Grabs opponent in a Jackhammer like pose, jumps high into the sky, pulls them under him slamming them to the ground breaking the ground then quickly getting off of them as a huge brick of cash lands right on top of them. (Get your billions back America LOL)

Victory Pose: Pulls out a huge stack of bills and starts to ‘Make It Rain.’

Ending: As the heroes of the ACW were fighting to protect the Megaverse Ace Jr was organizing him crew to fight off those that would try to stop them. When Bray started to take in souls with his Lantern two of them was his mother, Mune and his wife, Julie.  Ace Jr stepped on the battlefield and defeated the ‘Eater of Worlds’, once he smashed the lantern, he freed his wife and mother.

Now with their help, ADJ became the true ‘Future of Professional Wrestling’.

Theme: Trouble by Dave Oliver
Immortal File- ADJ
This is the Immortal file for Ace Daniels Jr. A new character of mine; named: ADJ. 

He's sort of like the best of MVP and the worst of EC3 mixed with Floyd Meywether.
Immortals File: Hermione Granger

Alignment: Good

Outfit: Red and gold sports bra, black hot pants, knee pads, boots, elbow pads and gauntlets.

Entrance: She’s in a library and looks back to see what’s going on. Then she leaves the library and walks out to fight.

Signature Move: Magic’s Widow- She grabs the opponent by the arm, spins herself around their body and wraps her legs around their other arm. Then pulls both arms weakening the opponent.

Finisher: Widowmaker- Grabs opponent spins them around so they are back to back, hooks her arms with the opponents, the opponents legs wrap around her waist and she jumps. In mid air she grabs the opponents head and drops to her knees knocking their heads together.

Victory Pose: She skips around the opponent and then sits on the opponent’s back.

Ending: With her skills in magic, Hermione had challenged Bray for the souls of her parents. The battle was long a hard but, in the end the ‘Eater of Worlds’ made a costly mistake and Hermione capitalized on it.

When she defeated him, the Drs. Granger had gained powers on their own and they had agreed to train with their daughter to become powerful heroes in the ACW Megaverse.

Theme: Here I come by Fergie
Immortal File: Skye

Real Name: Amara Starr

Alignment: Good

Outfit: White and blue ‘key-hole’ sports bra, tights that stop at the knee, gauntlets, ankle braces and shin guards.

Entrance: Runs on screen and stops to see her opponent. “This’ll be quick.”

Signature Move: Rush and Tackle- Runs to opponent, tackles them to the ground, sit up on them and starts to beat their face in.

Finisher: Skyefall- Hooks opponents arm from behind them, twists her body so that they are facing the ground, lifts up so they are upside down then jumps into the sky, goes to a seated position and lets gravity take over. Once they hit the ground, the sign of Uranus appears in the ground glowing.

Victory Pose: After knocking out opponent, they fall right on top of her, right in her cleavage while she says, ‘no no no no! NO!’ Then sighs after their face is in her cleavage and looks up like ‘Why me?’.

Ending: With the defeat of the ‘Eater of Worlds’, Skye had proven herself as a true champion and received a title shot against Rei Hinno, in an epic battle Skye finally defeat her former team mate and became the Grand Mistress of the ACW.

Theme: Skyfall by Adele

Ultimate Team Up is having a contest and you can win a free T-shirt from them but this is the contest: Something is going to destroy life as we know it and two brave teams of heroes will have to stop it. That’s it; so, all you have to do is choose the disaster and the two teams. Right, no problem!

Oh yeah, forgot one little thing: Only one team makes it out alive.

So here it is.


Team #1:

Team #2:

Team that dies:

Cause of death of team:

  • Listening to: Sirius XM- The Bridge
  • Reading: My own fanfiction
  • Watching: Triple D
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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I am a fan of anything that deals with anime. I am also a writer as well. This is also some of my clubs.

:iconclub-street-fighter: :iconfansforcap: :iconanime63: :icondp-anime: :iconwwefansocs: :icondante-vs-bayonetta: :icondevilmaycry-fans: :iconthe-rated-r-society: :iconwrestling-fiction: :iconvscapcomfanclub: :iconmokaxtsukune-fans: :iconiori-yagami-fanclub: :iconmileena-fans: :icondeadpoolfans: :iconbleach-gender-bender: :iconsuperbabes: :iconplots-n-tombstones: :iconfredperryfangroup: :iconheroescorner::iconpowergirlfanclub: :iconbible-black-fanclub: :iconsupergirlfans: :iconsuperman-wonderwoman: :iconshehulk-fanclub: :iconemma-frost-fc: :iconwonder-woman-fanclub: :icondontchangeww: :iconjemistrulyoutrageous: :iconcinderella-crossover: :iconcharacters-plus-cars: :iconvocaloidart: :iconsexycartoonbabesclub:
:icondp-realfans: :iconboobs-2-squeeze: :iconboobies-love: :iconbigoppaiotakubrigade: :iconsexy-spectrum: :iconsex-addiction-club: :icontheboobclub: :iconkimxron-love: :iconrogue-fans: :iconjuri-han-fc: :iconharryhermione: :iconmarvelvscapcom: :iconunited-tamaran: :iconteentitans-ikuzo: :iconthe-raven-club: :iconworld-wrestling-caws: :iconsailor-mars-fc: :iconwings-of-sekirei: :icondcufanclub::iconchildren-of-big3::iconsexy-naruto-girls: :iconquerl-and-kara: :iconocbordello: :iconmh-creations: :iconmonster-high-forever: :iconmonster-highocschool: :iconmonsterhigh: :iconmonster-high-oc: :iconvega-fan-club: :iconstaticshockclub: :iconwe-bleed-purple: :iconskullgirls-fan-club: :iconhumanized-mlp: :iconskullgirls: :iconsengoku-basara-fc: :iconeastern-savior-fc: :iconlitchi-faye-ling-fc: :iconnarutoxhinata-club: :iconsnake-eyesxscarlett: :iconsnake-eyes-fans: :iconichihimeclub: :iconhsd-kenichi-fans: :iconfelicia-number-one: :iconjusticejapan: :iconcorrupted-pleasures: :iconmk-stryker-fanclub: :iconfreezing-fc: :iconnoel-v-fanclub: :iconmakoto-nanaya: :iconskullgirlsfansite: :iconluke-cage-group: :iconnaruko-fans: :iconrosario-vampire-oc: :iconinnermokafc: :iconnaruto-kun-club: :iconuzumakifans: :iconinjusticegodsamongus: :iconamalgams-assembled: :iconpercy-jackson-boys: :iconjohnnycage-fanclub: :iconsonya-blade-fanclub: :iconteam-power-girl: :iconmsmarvelclub: :iconstryker-kombat: :iconmajikoi-fc: :iconundertakerfansunite:
:iconthequeenemmafrost: :iconleague-of-ladys: :iconleagueofwallpapers: :iconleagueoflegendsfan: :iconleagueoflegends: :iconskinsoflegends: :iconikkitousen-fans: :icongokaiger-fanclub: :iconspider-man-fan-club: :iconww-and-ca: :iconmedakaboxclub: :iconsuperwonderfamily: :iconangel-fallsda: :iconhexafusion-fans: :iconparkerxsparkle: :iconbelieveintheshield: :iconanother-boob-group: :iconx-23fans: :icontoki-x-mileena: :icondemboomingpowercords: :iconthemusicmeister: :iconcaptainamericalovers: :icontakerlovers:

Current Residence: USA
Favorite genre of music: Classic Rock, Hip-Hop
Favorite style of art: 3-D
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: Anime
Skin of choice: Snake
Favorite cartoon character: Many
Personal Quote: You GOTS TO BE KIDDING ME!

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