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Injustice Guest Character: Music Meister

Real Name: Harris, Neil*

Class: Tech user


Default- Zoot suit, shoes, tie, shades that looks like a music scale, gloves and a cane.


A music scale is seen to the tune of the ‘Music Meister’(s) theme with him lying on it and then it sets him down. ‘Time To Make Some Music!’


As a child Neil Harris had found out he had the power to control others with his voice by singing. So he started to use others to do dirty deeds for him. That was until the ‘One World Government’ had stopped him and almost killed him. Now he has to auto tune his voice to sing and speak. Hearing that the Regime had a way to fix his voice he jumped at the chance to get it. But he has to beat the High Councilor.


Post round victory- Twirls his cane.

Victory- Pulls out a microphone and sings, ‘I am the Music Meister and I will settle the score!’

Clashes (sings them everytime)

See if you can keep up.

I’m on the top of the charts!

Do you want some more?


Music Meister: I beat you before Batman!
Batman: Not this time Meister!

Music Meister: I always thought cats like music.
Catwoman: Not yours!

Music Meister: Gonna sing for me birdie?
Hawkgirl: I’ll show you birdies.

Music Meister: I guess you’re Bad to the Bone?
Lobo: Nah, I’m Worse!


Batman: ENOUGH, Meister!
Music Meister: You can never have enough, Batman.

Grundy: Grundy, crush Music Man!
Music Meister: You need a lullaby.

Zattanna: Gnignis pots!
Music Meister: Your magic won’t work on me Zattanna.

High Councilor Superman: Come to surrender?
Music Meister: Never! I Want My Voice Back!

Special Moves

Music Scale- Slides past opponent as a scale with notes on it hits them.

Rising Notes- Sings while twirling and rises up in the air.

So Beautiful- He sings a note and its ‘so beautiful it hurts’.

Super Move

Rock Concert- He hits the opponent and they are between huge speakers and he starts up a rock concert. The vibrations from the concert knocks them back and forth and on the last note, he leaps up and slams opponent with a guitar.


After defeating the High Councilor, the Music Meister take some equipment from the Fortress and goes to fix his throat. Once the operation was done he could speak normally but now he could like an angel. His powers were back but, knowing that a life of crime was what got him in to trouble in the first place he quit and went to make a living for himself as a star in musicals. He is now one of the brightest stars on Broadway.

Voiced by: Neil Patrick Harris
Injustice Guest- Music Meister
(*) No one said what his real name was. 

I've never seen one for him. 

So Beautiful came from Smite

Rock Concert came from I-No's Destruction Move in the O. G. Guilty Gear.

Since NPH is his voice, I'd figured I'd make his ending with him being on Broadway. (It was either that or turn him Gay and do weird stoner movies)
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Well, for those of you who are fans of themasterofantics and his 'Man of Steel + a Vampire series and want it to be a fanfiction; it's happening. I am doing it and I hope I am doing it justice.

Here is the link:…



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